The Recruitment Information System

Unleash the power of data in your student recruitment and enrollment efforts

Why Schoolairis?

Opening and running a school is difficult! Schoolairis was founded for one reason: to make filling your school with students as seamless as possible so you can focus on instruction and culture.

Immediate Value

Finally have all your prospective student information accessible, up-to-date, and searchable, allowing your front office staff to track progress towards enrollment goals.

Long-term Gain

Boost applications and reduce attrition with the right information to make data-based decisions on how to recruit in the future.


Our mission is to connect students and families with schools so that families can decide what environment will be best for their student's education. We aim to do this while creating good-paying jobs with a sustainable work-life balance.

Founding Team

Schoolairis was founded by an educator and a software engineer who believe strongly in the power of relationships between schools and the families they serve. We have been self-funded since our inception and intend to stay that way. Not being accountable to investors and external shareholders ensures that we will always remain accountable to who matters most - our customers and the students and families they serve.

What We're Worth

With our background in public schools, Schoolairis understands how important it is that every dollar possible goes to instruction. We believe we've arrived at a pricing structure that allows us to cover our costs, invest in new features, and invest in our staff, all while keeping the cost to schools as low as possible. Schoolairis is priced on a per-student basis, giving you the flexibility to create as many user accounts as you need at no additional cost.

Free Trial

Because we would never buy a product without trying it first, Schoolairis is free for 30 days to any school that wants to try it before committing. Contact our team using the form below to get a trial account set up for your school or network.

New Schools

We understand how tight cash flow can be while founding a school. We have decided to offer Schoolairis free-of-charge to any school that has not yet opened its doors to students through its first complete semester of operation. We applaud the hard work and dedication that goes into opening a school and hope to help you find your inaugural group of students through our platform.

Contact Us

We're currently a small (but strong!) team eager to grow organically through demand. Please contact us at [email protected] to learn about our founders and potential opportunities for employment. We would love to hear about how recruitment and enrollment work at your school and walk you through how to implement Schoolairis to increase the efficiency of your efforts. Please send us a message using the form below!